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Zodiac Patron Saint _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

"I will, as long as I act foolishly, I will inform you at the first time.". I guess it will be around July. This is my only hope, and I will try my best to recover my strength. I'll call you later. I'll leave you my cell phone number. If someone from the Dark Council comes to trouble you, you call me. If I don't have time to deal with it, you can go to the Longyu courtyard next to the airport road. My friends are all there. With them, the Dark Council will not dare to mess up. Bing nodded, just then, the sound of the siren sounded, two people looked at the road at the same time, only to see a police car of the same type as Bing stopped. The car door opened for the first time and a man jumped out of it. It was a handsome man. He looked twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. He was about 1.8 meters tall. His shoulders were very broad. His short hair on his head was like a steel needle. The lines of his face were very sharp. He looked like a man of iron. The police uniform on his body was fully propped up by the muscles below. Standing there, it gives people a different feeling from ordinary people. His sharp eyes almost saw Qi Yue and Lu Bing hugging each other as soon as he got out of the car, and the light in his eyes suddenly became cloudy. Martyrdom ice. The man jumped to the edge of the woods. He was also wearing a police uniform. Compared with the ice, he seemed to have a higher position. Kui Bing glanced at Qi Yue. "Is that your colleague?" He asked. Bing Bing nodded and is also my boyfriend now. Friend Qi Yue was surprised to let go of his arm around the ice. Who is he The big policeman looked coldly at Qi Yue, his fists clenched, and his body exuded a bad breath. Do you believe me when Lu Bing looks at Qi Yue? Qi Yue nodded his head. There was a smile on Lu's face. "Well,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, I'll deal with all this." As she spoke, she stepped forward and said to the man, "Li Yang, let's break up." Li Yang looked at her dully. "Why, for him?" His hand pointed rudely at Qi Yue. He nodded his head. He is the one I have always loved. Before, I thought he was dead, so I agreed to your pursuit. But now he is still alive,glass cream jars, so we should end it. Li Yang's eyebrows almost stood up. "Is it because of him that you said you had to think about it for a year before you could decide whether to really accept me?" Shang Bing nodded his head firmly. Now I finally found him, so it's impossible between us. If you think I hurt you, I can only say I'm sorry. Qi Yue looked at the ice in the side, the heart way, from the dark Council out of the really different ah! This is definitely a vigorous practice. From the conversation between the two men, he had seen the general situation. The policeman named Li Yang obviously liked the ice very much. Although the ice agreed to his pursuit, it did not really start a relationship with him. Since she wants to solve it by herself, let her solve it. Li Yang's eyes scanned Qi Yue like a poisonous snake. "I didn't expect that you would rather choose such a person than me.". What's wrong with me? What am I not good enough for you? Shang Bing shook his head. It's good. It's my fault. Your father is the vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security, but you can not rely on his father's connections, just rely on their own strength to come to this step, become the youngest and promising one in the public security system, 30ml dropper bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, I admire you very much, but emotional things can not be forced. Even if you are a million times better than him, I will only choose him. There is no room for turning around. So please give up. Li Yang roared, unwilling. I'm really not reconciled. Boy, what's your name? Why do you pursue the ice? Without waiting for Qi Yue to answer, the ice has moved a step, blocking between Qi Yue and Li Yang, "He is not pursuing me, I am pursuing him." Ice, what did you say? Li Yang looked at her with a dull look. Bing repeated, "I said, he didn't chase me, but I chased him. Are you satisfied now?" Impossible. He looks so ordinary, and even lacks an arm. How can he like such a person. Does he have any background? I don't believe it. Shang Bing, you give me a reason. "Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang" Chapter 104 Desert Storm (2). "Love doesn't need to be there," Lu said indifferently. (P ~ a ~ o ~ s ~ H ~ u ~ 8.c ~ o ~ m) If you must, I can only say that he is better than you in every aspect. Are you satisfied now? Li Yang, I don't want to hurt you, but short pain is better than long pain. Forget me. There are many girls who are better than me in this world. As long as you, you say he is better than me in everything. I don't believe it. Boy, if you're a man, don't hide behind a woman. You come out and we'll make it clear. Li Yang's target turned to Qi Yue. Qi Yue stretched out his left hand and grabbed Shang Bing's shoulder. "Shang Bing, you'd better let me do it.". I think it's better for me to solve this problem. Shang Bing hesitated for a moment, "but you are now?"? Li Yang is very strong, and he has today's position and his own strength. In the current public security system in Beijing, he is the only one who can defeat me. After listening to the words of the ice, Qi Yue can not help but be surprised in the heart, Lu Bing's strength, he could not be clearer. In the past, this man named Li Yang naturally would not be in his eyes, but now it is different, without the support of Yunli, how can he be an opponent of others? As a man, though, it's impossible to back down in this situation. Qi Yue almost didn't even think about it, so he walked out from the ice and stood half a meter away in front of Li Yang. Why should you? Li Yang looked at Qi Yue, who was half a head taller than himself. In stature, now Qi Yue is not inferior to the other side,Serum Bottle With Dropper, the same shoulder width and back width, but the muscles are not as exaggerated as the other side, but the flag is still too much. Qi Yue turned his head and looked like a martyr's ice until his chest was frozen. Can you borrow your energy? 。