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Wu Yu Yu Long continued

At the other end of the aisle, there was a light, like a courtyard. After walking down the aisle, you can see that it is not a courtyard, but a small courtyard, with a wing and a hall. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs. As soon as he entered the hall, Bai Huihui raised his hand to offer his seat. The young man bowed and said, "Uncle Bai, Yan Xia has come to pay his respects to you." Bai Huihui was stunned, hurriedly stretched out his hand, opened his eyes wider, a little bigger, and his eyes burst out, only to hear him shout: "燕侠 ? Young master, you are young master. "God!" "With a low cry of" Heaven, "his face straightened and his expression relaxed." Young master, "he said," Bai Ying asked his master, Jin An! " Push Jinshan, pour Yuzhu, bend your knees and worship. Bai Huihui inquired about the old man Jin An. Yan Xia quickly raised his hand to stop him. "Thank you," said Zhuang Rong. "The old man is well." Bai Huihui did not stand up. "How are you girls?" He asked. He asked the old man's foster sisters, the aunts of the six brothers of Yan Xia, who were not married, so they were still called girls. "How are you aunts?" Asked Yan Xia. Only then did Bai Huihui stand up, and then Gong Lao, Qi Lao, and General Hai Wuji, the leader of Huiri's "Tianjin Boat Gang", all asked. Yan Xia answered one by one, and all were well. Finally, Bai Huihui stared at Yan Xia again with a pair of big eyes: "I said, I've lived in Beijing for so many years, but I've never seen anyone like that. It's not the Guo family. It's such a peerless weathercock and extraordinary bearing.." "You're not afraid of Yan Xia blushing, Uncle Bai," said Yan Xia. He smiled, a little embarrassed. "Don't say that, young master," said Bai Huihui. "I've read a lot of people, and you deserve it." As soon as he had said this, another voice suddenly sounded outside,S Adenosyl Methionine, a sweet, clear and melodious voice: "Who deserves it? Where did the eldest young master come from?" With these words, a fragrant breeze, a beautiful shadow, a man and a girl came into the hall, a petite and exquisite girl. The girl is eighteen or nineteen years old. She is petite, but she is vigorous and graceful. She has a beautiful figure. Her white trousers and jacket fit her well. She has a row of bangs on her forehead and a big braid behind her. She is not charming in beauty, but also charming in beauty. A pair of jade hands holding an empty basin, cuffs slightly curled, showing two pink arms, white and round, like a lotus root stick. She sees a person more in the room, be in a daze at first, then light "Yo" make a sound: "Have a guest..." Bai Huihui nodded and smiled, "It's not a guest, it's one of us. Come and meet him. It's Master Yan Xia." The girl was still in a daze. The bright red cherry said softly, "Young Master Yan Xia?.." "Silly girl," said Bai Huihui, "what's the matter with you? You're from the South China Sea, the master's eldest young master. Don't you understand?" The girl understood, suddenly opened a pair of almond eyes, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, cherry mouth in a light "Oh!" "Yes." When she wanted to see him, she suddenly remembered that there was still an empty basin in her hand. She quickly twisted her waist and put the basin down on her side. Suddenly, she found that a pair of cuffs were still rolled up and her arms were exposed, all of which were seen by others. She was so ashamed that she quickly took off her sleeves with three or two handfuls, and her dimples were red and hot. Then Yingying said, "See the big young master.." Yan Xia is not busy to answer the gift? With a smile, he said, "I don't deserve it.." "Young master," said Bai Huihui, "this is my maid, Leng Xiang." The girl may not be cold, but she is absolutely fragrant. Yan Xia said casually, "Miss Xiang!" He did not dare to call people "sister" easily, when he was in "Jinan", when he first saw the girl Zhu Wei Gu, it was not a "sister" called bad? Miss Leng Xiang's face was even redder, her head was slightly lowered, and even her eyelids hung down. "Young master, we dare not.." "That's right, young master," replied Bai Hui. "Why don't you just call her by her name?" Yan Xia naturally couldn't, so she smiled and didn't speak. Miss Leng Xiang was still standing there with her head bowed. Perhaps, although she was one of her own, after all, she was a very lively and charming girl. All of a sudden, she became both calm and quiet. Bai Huihui waved his hand and said, "Girl, don't just stand there. Why don't you go and make tea for the eldest young master?" "Thank you," said Yan Xia. I don't know if the girl heard it, but she twisted her waist and ran out like flying, with her big braid flying high behind her. I don't care about the empty basin on the ground. Yan Xia felt that the girl was as lovely as Zhu Xiugu. Bai Huihui raised his hand again to let the guest, and firmly let Yan Xia take his seat, but Yan Xia naturally refused, pushing for a long time, or sitting in a seat. Sit down, what is Bai Huihui doing in Beijing? Yan Xia said he was looking for Baylor Ji, but he made up a word saying that he was dissatisfied with Ji Gang's actions in "Dushan Lake", so he didn't tell the truth. Bai Huihui, of course, did not know who Baylor Ji Gang was, nor did he know that Ji Gang was now leading the bodyguard. He was startled when he heard this, thinking that Yan Xia was going to break into the house! This was no joke. Although he had never seen what Yan Xia had learned, and although he could believe that Yan Xia could get in and out of the big house, it was not easy to get in and out of the big house with Ji Gang as the commander and Fu Hou as the outside friend. In addition, once something happened between the emperor and the Guo family, it would not be easy to be good. However, it was inconvenient for him to say this at the moment. Swordsman House Scanning, Purple Dragon OCR, Exclusive Serialization : Chapter 15 When Bai Huihui was embarrassed, Yan Xia smiled and said, "Don't worry, Uncle Bai. If I'm going to force my way in, I won't come to you." Also, if you plan to force, what effort can he do in vain, how much help, to find him is not to bring trouble to him? On hearing this, Bai Huihui felt relieved and said, "Are you going to.." "I'm just going to look for him and see him," said Yan Xia. "That's why I came to see you. Can't you think of a way?" Bai Huihui hesitated for a moment and said, "To tell you the truth, I can't say I haven't made friends with the officials of the government. But they're all from the small yamen. They can't get to Ji Gang's floor. But if you really want to find Ji Gang, I'll come up with a way." "What can I do?" Asked Yan Xia. "Madam Fu," replied Bai Hui, "Miss Hu, this road is the most convenient.." ” "No,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, I don't want to bother Aunt Feng," said Yan Xia. "I knew you didn't want to," Bai replied. "I was talking about the other one." "The other one?" Asked Yan Xia. "Do you know Miss Han Rulan?" Asked Bai Hui. 。