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Tibet Code 3_ Hema _txt novel paradise

Soares wiped the sweat from his palms on his trouser legs and made up his mind to insert the last key into the forbidden door. "Perhaps for the rest of the team, this forbidden door can only bring danger and no benefit, but for me, that unknown creature will be the subject of my life.". It is my ultimate goal to go through the jungle and open this door. No mouse, no guerrilla, no one can stop me! As the key turned, Soares felt sweating all over his body, and the four people who were watching him in the dark also pinched a sweat. Everyone was staring at the triangular stone door. What was behind the door? Strangely, after Soares turned the key, the stone door did not move like Master Yala turned the key, but did not move. Soares continued to turn the key. The key did not move. Soares'expression was like a mother who lost her child. She checked the stone door restlessly everywhere, but found nothing. Soares walked back and forth restlessly in the inner hall. Suddenly, he found the small hole. He said angrily, "Bastard, destroying the blood pool is not good for me!" With these words, his figure disappeared at the mouth of the cave. Master Yala jumped out and quickly touched a mechanism in the corner. The hole suddenly closed, separating Soares from the four. Master Yala began to touch the triangular stone door again. I don't know where he moved. The stone door suddenly began to move. Master Yala breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Well,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, now the man can't get through for the time being. According to your experience, it will take him at least half an hour to run from the other end of the hall to the bone door." "Master," said Zhuo Mu Qiangba in surprise, "how do you know about this mechanism?" Master Yala's eyes twinkled, staring at the huge stone door without saying anything, and Zhuo Mu Qiangba's attention was quickly attracted by the triangular stone door that gradually moved away. Soares hid behind the stone statue. He just pretended to get into the passage. In fact, he quickly hid aside. His heart said,L Methylfolate Factory, "Now the form of light and shade has been reversed. A white mouse is a white mouse. I don't want to lose consciousness without seeing anything." As if a vent had been opened, all the candles swung in the direction of the triangular stone door, and as the stone door gradually moved away, the four of them, together with the heart of Soares in the dark, hung in their throats. The dust at the foot of the stone door was blown away, the whole door was completely opened, and the four people in front of the door were completely stunned. They looked at what was inside the door in great surprise. Even if a prehistoric dinosaur came out of the door, they could not be so surprised. There's a man in the door! And an Asian with yellow skin, black hair and black eyes! At this time, the man in the door looked at the four people at the door at a loss. He stood there for a long time before he stammered, "I am wooden, I am wooden, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, I am firewood." Zhuo Mu Qiangba and other four people as if looking at a prehistoric monster, a long time to understand that the man said in English, meaning: "I am Chinese!" " Suddenly there was a feeling of dizziness, and even Soares had the idea of hitting the wall. A door that had not been opened for a thousand years turned out to be a Chinese, and this was what he had been looking for all these years? Soares wants to run over a piece of tofu. But the space inside the door was much smaller than that in the inner hall. There was nothing left except the man who called himself Chai Li Ri. The 500 square meters of hemispherical space was artificially carved with numerous holes with a diameter of more than 10 meters. The hole was dark, but it didn't look like it was used to put things. It looked like the mouse holes in the starry hall. Zhuo Mu Qiangba looked at Chai Li Ri carefully. He was 1.7 meters tall, about 40 years old, with a crew cut. He had an impartial and upright appearance. He had a square face, thick eyebrows, square eyes, a broad nose, thick lips, and a straight beard. He looked like a very honest peasant worker. He wore a canvas bag, ragged clothes, and a pair of mud feet. He looked more like a peasant. After a long time, he replied: "We, too, Chinese!" " As soon as the man heard this, he was like Tang Min. He couldn't pick up a word. His knees went limp. He threw himself into Zhuo Mu Qiangba's arms. With tears in his eyes, he sobbed: "Humph.." I thought I'd never get out again, um.. The man looked very weak and needed food and water. Without food, Tang Min gave him some glucose liquid. It took four people a long time to figure out that the man's name was Wang You. [Moving Hanging Ladder] Wait a minute, what did you say? Donkey friends? I've heard of you! Oh, my God, you're a member of the donkey group. Do you know Sean? Zhuo Mu Qiangba remembered. Wang You said, "Sean, that polite English gentleman. Oh, he is so gentlemanly. I didn't think he was suitable to join the donkey group, but I didn't think he had a lot of experience.". You met them, too? How are they now? "Well," said Master Yala, "now is not the time to catch up. How did you fall inside? Is there really nothing in it? Wang You thought as much as he could: At that time, when we went down to the third floor, I was on the edge of a cave. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. It seemed to be the wind in the cave. There seemed to be a suction inside. Somehow, I fell down, and then I didn't know anything. Wait a minute. I remember Ricky gave me a tug like we fell together, but I couldn't find him when I woke up. And Sasaki and Kit, I don't know what happened to them. With a thump, a big rat was hitting the stone gate violently. Wang You looked out of the door in surprise: "Oh, my God, what is this?"? What kind of animal is this? Professor Fang Xin said,Thyroid Powder Factory, "It seems that those guys have noticed us. We must find the way up quickly. Their speed is amazing. If both sides are blocked by them, we really have no hope of escape." Master Yala seemed unwilling to check every hole in the hall behind the triangular stone gate. "Let's go," he said disappointedly. "There's nothing in the last gate. How could this happen?" 。