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The rosefinch

"Shut the *** up!"! You are not the soul of Rousseau! The wandering soul was angry, and a roar burst out of his round head, which quickly spread up and down the Great Black Mountain. Thousands of wandering souls near him suddenly showed a frightened expression, hissing, and were shattered into pieces by the roar, drifting around the Great Black Mountain, and I don't know how many thousands of years it will take to merge into one. The wandering soul is a little surprised. I can't imagine that my roar has caused such serious consequences. And those wandering souls, bones and corpses, are deeply aware of the power contained in this roar, and are afraid to leave. …… He flew up, holding in his hand the wandering soul that had first talked to him. For some reason, the other wandering souls could not touch any substance, but his hand could touch the bone cat, and then he could catch the wandering soul. I shouldn't be here. Where should I be? He flew to a jutting rock on the mountainside of the Great Black Mountain. He looked at the white battle line in the distance, which was constantly blooming with bloody fireworks, and seemed to ask casually. A wandering soul with a child's face trembled in his hands, and it was a long time before he could speak: "You are among us.". We are very uneasy. Are you afraid of me? I know what fear is, but why are you afraid of me? "Because you should not be among us,Theobromine Powder, or you should not be a wandering soul at all, nor can you be a wandering soul." "What else does it take to be a wandering soul?" The wandering soul laughed, but the hazy body could not fully show his mood, but his face looked a little strange, "I thought that as long as he died, he was a wandering soul." The boy cast his eyes on the black wasteland thousands of meters below,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and looked at the army of bones on the wasteland, which was densely spread to the sky, and the hundreds of thousands of wandering souls who only dared to fly in the low place with fear. He shook his voice and said, "I don't know very well, but the wandering souls around the Great Black Mountain are all old ghosts who have been dead for hundreds of years. Their flesh and bones are all rotten, and even their divine consciousness is somewhat scattered." That's why he became a wandering soul. And from the day you entered the underworld, everyone felt that you were strong. He stole a glance at the horrible ghost and continued, "Your mind is so strong that this space can't accept you at all." "If I'm too strong for this space to accept me, then why am I here?" The wandering soul put his elbow on his forehead. These were just his subconscious movements, much like the statue on earth. "Why am I here?" He repeated to himself. Maybe there must be some reason. "The boy's face was wincing." Then why do you dare to talk to me? The wandering soul's eyes suddenly flashed a frightening light, "and I can see that you have only been dead for a few years, why have you become a wandering soul?"? What size are you hiding under your body? The boy seemed anxious to cry and argued, "I really only died for a few years, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Glucono Delta Lactone, and I don't know why I became a wandering soul. I heard that when I died, all my body was burned into nothingness by some kind of powerful energy, and I can't get it back. It was an artifact that killed me, so I became this shape." Wandering soul thoughtfully: "Artifact?"? Nothingness? Well, it seems that you are also a great person who is qualified to talk with me. "Do you know who you are?" He continued to ask. The child's face showed a trace of shame: "I don't know, after becoming a wandering soul.". I forgot everything. The wandering soul suddenly sighed and said, "Maybe I've forgotten everything. Maybe I'll be happier." "But what is happiness?" The wandering soul is not a philosopher, but simply does not know what happiness means. The wandering soul glanced at him. A long time did not speak, suddenly opened his mouth: "Anyway, I do not know who he is, every day to see these bones also see tired, you chat with me." The child's face seemed to dissipate at any time, and there was a trace of lack of confidence and honor on his face: "Is that all right?" "Yes." The wandering soul said, "Talking to someone is not talking to someone. It's just to pass the time, and …" I like you very much, but you remember, in the future in front of me, do not put on that innocent smile like a child, you are not young. The wandering soul turned his head. Looking at the skylight on the other side of the Great Black Mountain, he muttered, "Why do I look at your innocent smile?". I feel sick. Child face wandering soul hurriedly pulled his face, played into a very serious look, ingratiating floating to the side of the wandering soul. The wandering soul took one look at him and said, "Since you said I shouldn't be in this ghost place, if I go out in the future, I will try to take you out with me." "Why are you so kind to me?" The boy felt that his luck was very good, and at first he just looked at the new terror wandering soul with some natural familiarity. So I took a big risk to say something, but I never thought I would get a promise from this man. Friend It's a friend. The wandering soul nodded. …… The Great Black Mountain is as peaceful and gloomy as ever. The white pagoda on the top of the mountain is shimmering, which is much dimmer than the brilliance of the magic weapon on the battlefield in the distance, but it echoes with the white light hanging from the sky in the distance, one east and one west, and looks unusually stable, as if it is a dark wind for thousands of years. It's impossible to do any damage. The wandering souls quieted down again and began to walk through the bones and rotting corpses, using these tricks to get through the most boring days. In pursuit of their fading consciousness. The horrible ghost who made them uneasy and afraid was no longer staying on the stone at the foot of the mountain these days. The wandering soul floated down the hill to catch the bone cat and went up the hill, squatting on the hillside stone with the new boy. Because the wandering soul was on the mountainside, no other wandering soul dared to fly there. But more than 900,000 wandering souls are curious about why this wandering soul, which should not have appeared in the underworld as a powerful force, did not break through the space and leave, but squatted on the stone all the time. Later,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, after many days, the wandering souls learned something-it was said that the powerful wandering soul had been squatting on the mountainside, waiting to see the sunrise.