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Silly wife of the king: Empress, come home with me! _ Pai Pai novel

A bodyguard had brought a horse in front of him, waiting for him to ride on it and escape from here. Wang Ye, my subordinates, please go quickly. The guard who led the horse put the reins in his hand. He's a good man - - The sound of thousands of footsteps in front of us is getting closer and closer, and everyone's heart is in their throat. Xuanyuan Yu gritted his teeth, tightened the reins, and prepared to mount. When his eyes glanced at Su Nu in the car, he made a decision that he would take her away. Su Nu immediately saw what he was thinking, and when his hand was ready to reach out, she immediately said. Xuanyuan Yu, I don't have much use for you at all. Do you think Jimoyan will give up the unification of the world for me? Xuanyuan Yu's movements stopped. Su Nu continued: "However, no matter how I am pregnant with his child, so he will have some scruples.". Therefore, you go first, let your men use me to blackmail them, so that they can not move forward, so that you can go a little farther. You go quickly, this is your only way to escape,coltan ore processing, otherwise Cangyue country really has no hope! Su Nu's last words touched Xuanyuan Yu. He looked at her with very complicated eyes and finally gave up the idea of taking her away. Turning, he rolled onto his horse, turned his horse's head, and looked at her again. In the midst of the storm, his whole body radiated a strong sense of loneliness and desolation. I've used you many times. Why do you help me again and again? He asked. Su Nu looked at him, not knowing what to say. She helped him, in fact,tin beneficiation plant, all for a purpose. Take this time for example, she didn't want to go with him, she just wanted to see Jimoyan earlier. But is she really all for her own purposes? Su Nu smiled and said shyly, "Maybe it's because I think you're a good person." Yes, he is a good man. Because he was a good man, he saved her and Jimoyan that year. Because he is a good man, he has never done anything too much to her. Because he was a good man, he tried his best to protect his land and people. Because he is a good man, she wants to help him again and again. After listening to her words, Xuanyuan Yu froze for a moment. Then a faint smile flashed through his eyes. I'm Su Yuyan! - - "Thank you." He said, and then he disappeared into the rainy night. Su Nu and the other guards breathed a sigh of relief as they watched him finally leave. However, before she had finished breathing, a bright sword lay across her neck. Su Nu was a little startled. Miss Su, sodium cyanide price ,gold cil machine, although you helped Wang Ye, we still want to use you to blackmail the army of Xiliang. So, offended. The bodyguard who had just pulled Xuanyuan Yu out of the carriage put his sword on Su Nu's neck and said with some guilt. Su Nu nodded to show that she understood them very well. Looking at the flood of troops, the guards shouted loudly: "All stop, or I will kill your queen!" " Tens of thousands of troops because of his words, abruptly stopped. The soldiers standing in the front looked doubtfully at the seemingly weak woman in the carriage. Don't be fooled. Hurry up and catch Xuanyuan Yu. Don't let him run away! Someone shouted. The army, which had stopped for less than three seconds, was about to rush over again with weapons in hand. Stop it! I'm Su Yuyan! Su Nu was so frightened that she immediately shouted. What if they come and chop themselves to a pulp. Hearing the three words'Su Yuyan ', their footsteps stopped again. In the crowd, immediately out of a seemingly a little rank of military commanders. He looked at Su Nu inquiringly and asked doubtfully, "The queen is obviously in the palace. How can you be the queen?" She's in the palace? Did Jimoyan never reveal her departure? Or maybe the queen they're referring to isn't her at all. Up to now, Su Nu still has some doubts about the fact that Jimo Yan made herself queen. But it doesn't matter so much now. In order to survive, you have to say that you are the queen. I am indeed the queen. You can ask the emperor if you don't believe me. Su Nu said, just react to come over, how can they ask Jimo Yan. If you don't believe me, you can ask Liang Wu, the emperor's bodyguard. Also, Prime Minister Su's family is OK. ” At this time, Su Nu found that she knew very few people. It's Jimoyan! - - Did you hear that? She is the queen of your Xiliang Kingdom. If you take one more step, I'll kill her! When the time comes, Jimo's blame will come down, and it is estimated that all of you will lose your heads. Threatening Su Nu's bodyguard said as he approached Su Nu's neck with his sword. As soon as the tender neck touched the sharp blade of the sword, a red cut appeared. Su Nu surprised to stare at him, he also came to the real ah. However, the man simply ignored her, as if he had ignored everything. As long as he could let Xuanyuan Yu escape, even if he killed Su Nu immediately, he would not blink an eye. The two sides were deadlocked, and in less than a few minutes, the opposite army automatically moved out of the way. From the other end of the road, a horse came out slowly, and there was a man on the horse. Dressed in a black silk robe, handsome features, tall and straight figure, and dark eyes. It's Jimoyan! Why is he here?! Su Nu saw him and forgot to breathe in an instant. Two people's line of sight intersect, as if separated from the world. The rain was still so heavy that Moyan's whole body was soaked through. His black hair clung to his side face, his thin robe clung to his chest, and he looked very wild. Su Nu blushed slightly, and at this time, she was still paying attention to his appearance. Obviously, the momentum of Jimo Yan was so great that tens of thousands of troops around him stood respectfully on both sides, not even making a sound. Also,gold shaking table, Su Nu felt the sword on her neck trembling slightly. It seems that he is also afraid of Jimoyan. Threatening Su Nu's bodyguard narrowed his eyes and asked in a cold voice, "Are you the emperor of Xiliang, Jimo Yan?" 。