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Remembering my past life

I'm sick. Why should I let you fight? You're in a bad mood, aren't you? Then you can stay alone. I'm leaving. Wang Tian said, patted his buttocks and left. Lin Yumou breathed a sigh of relief and began to brew emotions, ready to continue the sentimentality just now. But after all, she is not the kind of Lin Daiyu even buried a flower to cry for half a day, so disturbed by Wang Tian, that kind of sad feeling is not that easy to find. As a last resort, I had to stare at the gloomy sky for a long time before I slowly felt something again, but at this time, the door of the roof was opened again. Hello Mahua. Unexpectedly is Wang Tian, left less than ten seconds to return to come back, the smiling face looks at Lin Yumou. Why are you here again? Do you want to die? No. I'll say a word and go. Wang Tian hurriedly put away his smiling face, braved the light rain and went to the railing of the roof to look down. Then he stared at Lin Yu's eyes with a serious face and said in a very serious tone: "Mahua classmate, life is precious.". I know you're in a bad mood, but this is a four-story building. Even if you're sad, don't jump down like this for a while. Oh, why did you hit me? Hey, hey, hey, whoa.. Don't bite Lu Dongbin. Whoa! It really hurts.. Stop! Stop! I was wrong, I was wrong. But according to Lin Yumou's temperament, which would be so easy to let him go,portable gold wash plant, what black tiger heart, white crane wings, which move ruthless which move to Wang Tian body greeting. She was very angry at the beginning, and her heart was in a mess, but this ignorant boy dared to talk nonsense, so all the moves were made to fight hard, and Wang Tian cried and fled in confusion. However, after a few solid punches,magnetic separator machine, her mood was vented, and her mood was really much better, so she fought more vigorously. It's just that Wang Tian suffered a lot and fled all over the roof. In this way, both of them were caught in the rain and ran after each other on the roof until they were out of breath before they stopped and sat down on the steps together. It really hurts, Mahua. This is a contradiction among the people. You don't have to deal with me in the same way as you deal with class enemies. Wang Tian rubbed his beaten arm hard, grinning his teeth in pain and joking at the same time. You are a bitch. I told you I was in a bad mood, and you came to annoy me. Court death "Oh, don't bite Lu Tung-pin.". Do you think you're feeling better now? Wang Tian explained his behavior carelessly, and then immediately went to touch the tiger's buttocks, laughing and asking Lin Yu-mou, "Are you lovelorn?" The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentional. In fact, even he himself did not know why he deliberately provoked her, just because he thought she looked good when she was angry? But Lin Yumou listened, the heart is a stomp, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, suddenly realized that the original boy is "like" their own, so suddenly feel that the boy some hate. As a result, the face that was about to regain its smile immediately became gloomy again, and continued to stare at the sky without saying a word. After touching the tiger's buttocks, Wang Tian was triumphantly preparing to continue to play live combat with her. Unexpectedly, the girl's face changed faster than the weather in June. She couldn't figure out where she had offended her. She dared not talk any more, so she had to sit still. Suddenly, the atmosphere became awkward. It seems that after a long time, so long that Wang Tian could not stand the awkward atmosphere and was about to stand up and really leave, Lin Yu-mou finally spoke. She smiled wearily and said, "I don't think we can go to college.". I heard that we are not even in the top one hundred from the first grade to the tenth grade. Isn't that even more hopeless for us? "Is to listen to Chen Ping said?"? Alas, I also heard that we are all flies on the glass, and there is no bright road ahead. Hearing this, Wang Tian immediately became a little depressed. He was silent for a long time before he said slowly. Uh Lin Yumou put his hands on his head and leaned wearily against the wall behind him, looking motionless at the sky without a ray of sunshine. "Wang Tian, I ask you, what are you going to do if you can't go to college?"? Go to Gaofu? My father said that if I couldn't pass the exam, he would let me join the army. What about you I don't know. I really envy you boys. No matter how bad you are, you can go to the army. But what can I do? Being a soldier is very hard. But what can I do if I'm not a soldier? Wang Tian sighed heavily and leaned against the wall, staring at the sky in a daze, suddenly feeling that even his mood had deteriorated. Who says teenagers don't know the taste of sorrow. Perhaps this kind of sorrow will feel nothing after they enter the society and see the bigger storm, but at that time, in the second year of high school, when they are about to face the first major choice point in their lives, the confusion about the future, the confusion about the future and the confusio n about life are the greatest sorrow they have ever encountered. Hey, kid. Do you need me to show you a clear way? At this time, Lao Wang, who had been idle for many days, finally appeared again. Did you finally show up again? Say it quickly. Wang Tianwen was overjoyed and almost cheered. Since Lao Wang warned him that he would not interfere too much in his life, he really seldom talked to him again. Several times when he had a little problem, he went to Lao Wang on his own initiative, but Lao Wang also pretended to be deaf and dumb. I didn't expect that I would take the initiative to help this time, which really made Wang Tian, who was full of sorrow, look out. First of all, Lao Tzu was completely relying on their own efforts to enter the university, you boy can not lose my Wang Tian's face. Secondly, now give me the right to speak, I have a few words to say to this little girl. "Oh." Although he still had doubts about his own strength, he was able to get a reassuring pill from Lao Wang again. Wang Tian's mood immediately changed from cloudy to sunny. Then he began to play the role of a microphone seriously: "Mahua, I have something to say to you." "Hm?" Lin Yu, who was thinking alone, gave a casual hum. In fact, I don't think going to college is necessarily the only way, and it's not a big deal if you can't go to college. In other words, even if admitted to the university, in fact,gold CIP machine, there are a large number of people are dawdling, in fact, nothing has been learned. 。