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I can't do anything with you.

Jing Qi shook his head. "It's too far. I just came back. I don't want to go again." "What about the closer one." In a flash of inspiration, Lou Wan suddenly thought of something, "Brother Qi, do you know where Xiwu Town corresponds to this era?" The movie says that as long as you go to the same place and do the same thing before crossing, it's possible to go back. Lou still doesn't give up until now, and she always has a little expectation of going home in her heart. Do you want to.. "Well, I want to see and try, or I won't be reconciled." It's not suitable for her to take things as they come. She really can't give up her father over there. Okay, I'll make a call and ask for you. Jing Qi asked an archaeological friend about it and soon knew the answer. He said he was in Jincheng. "Great!" Lou Wan almost cried with joy. She looked at Jing Qi earnestly: "Let's go there tomorrow." All right, but don't get your hopes up. This kind of time travel doesn't happen very often. Anyway, what is said on TV and in novels, and this kind of thing is ridiculous. …… Then I'll go and prepare my luggage. Lou Wan is now so dizzy with joy that he doesn't take his words to heart. The next day, Jing Qi and Lou Wan set out. Jincheng is next to B city, and it takes more than two hours to drive there. Today's Xiwu Town is no longer called Xiwu Town,oil dropper bottle, after all, the times change, day and night change, many things have changed beyond recognition. However, Xiwu Mountain still exists, and the surrounding area has not been developed. The mountain is lush and green,Blue Bottle Serum, and there is still a large bamboo forest. With his own intuition, Lou Wan took Jing Qi to the depths of the bamboo forest. Around the grass and waist, from time to time cut the skin of people, think of what insects and so on, Jing Qi disliked it. Why did you come to a place like this? He's crazy to follow her around. Hunted by his enemies. Jing Qi: "…" To make light of a matter of life and death? Admire. This should be it. Come on! Brother Qi, you knocked me out. Lou can't wait. "And you're a good man.". Good-bye! “……” Jing Qi found that he was speechless more and more times since he met Lou Wan. Do you really want to do it? He's never laid a hand on a girl before. Feeling guilty. And Jing Qi felt in her heart that this thing was not reliable at all. If she could go back, she wouldn't wear it at the beginning. Hurry up! Cut my neck with your hand! Lou Wan urged. Boom! Jing Qi closed his eyes and did it, but he controlled the strength when he did it. Lou Wan passed out. As time went by, Jing Qi felt that he was almost bitten by mosquitoes, and the people in front of him were still lying there motionless. An hour later, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, Jing Qi had no patience. He picked up Lou Wan and went out. On the way back to B city, Lou woke up in a daze. She couldn't help crying when she saw the familiar people and cars beside her. It seems that she really can't go back. Does she want to stay here all her life? How sad Dad should be without her, how helpless she should be here. Lou Wan thought in despair as he shed tears. Jing Qi did not disturb her and left her alone. I don't know how long it took, but the sobs gradually stopped. Jing Qi glanced at the people around her and saw her face full of loss and frustration, as well as the general compromise of fate. All right, stay here and I'll help you. He comforted him unnaturally. Thank you His voice was low and listless. Jing Qi stopped bothering her. The author has something to say: The next chapter opens on campus Chapter 11 [Yue] Three months later, Lou Wan learned all the knowledge before the second year of high school, but his grades were just below average. After all, for a native of ancient times, it is too demanding for her to learn so much complicated modern knowledge in a few months. Jing Qi is not extravagant, anyway, the next depends on her own good fortune in school. In a few months, Lou Wan has fully adapted to the world. People often say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so she has been here for more than four months and has long been accustomed to the new era of the 21st century. Especially for Jing Qi, Lou Wan and he are already familiar with each other, and he is also used to the death of Gao Leng, who can say less than ten words a day. —— September is the beginning of school season. Lou Wan is about to start her reading career in this world. Jing Qi chose No.9 Middle School for her, because there were people he knew there, and No.9 Middle School was the nearest school to his home, so it was convenient for him to go there. No.9 Middle School is a century-old school. Its reputation and achievements have always been among the best in the city. Every year, the number of students admitted to key universities is also among the top three. It is a key high school in B city. On Sunday morning, Jing Qi took Lou Wan to school to sign up. Arriving at the gate of No.9 Middle School, Louwan was shocked by its magnificent architecture. Tut, this Academy is too big, although she has not been to school in Dawu before, but also outside to see, absolutely not as luxurious as the present atmosphere. Instantly, Lou Wan had a sense of pride and mission in his heart! She wants to work hard to get fame and win glory for brother Qi! "Go." The flat and steady male voice interrupted Lou Wan's beautiful fantasy and ambition for the future. She straightened her clothes and put on a quiet lady's appearance to follow Jing Qi. Brother Qi, have you ever been to school here before? Looking up at his well-defined side face, Lou Wan asked with interest. No Frowning to study the mini map in his hand, Jing Qi answered carelessly. He is a native of S City. He studied in the local area before he went to college. It has only been a few years since he came to B City. Cut the crap and ask where the registration office is. "Oh." Lou Wanxin wanted to laugh. Jing Qi's face, which had always been expressionless, finally had other changes. Haha, it was really funny. After a while,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, they finally arrived at the office of the senior two group. Near noon, there were only a few people at the registration office. Seeing Jing Qi, a young man came over.