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Ghost Blows Out the Lamp (Ghost Blows Out the Lamp)

If you are unlucky and bump into the fierce deer king, you may not be able to deal with it with a bow and arrow, so you have to flee desperately to the dense forest, because the antlers are most afraid of the dense forest, and if they are entangled by the branches of the vines and can not move, they can only be slaughtered. The second chapter in the mirror, the heaven and earth put the mountain. There are three treasures in Kanto, ginseng, mink and wula grass. Ginseng is the king of herbs and the first of traditional Chinese medicine, which has always occupied the first place in the three treasures of Kanto. In mountainous areas, ginseng is commonly known as "mallet", and the business of digging wild ginseng in deep mountains and old forests is called "putting mountains". Generally, the mountain can be released in spring, summer and autumn until the frost falls. In the process of digging ginseng for nearly a thousand years, Fangshan people have gradually formed a set of unique folk customs, including "secret language, technology, taboos, tools" and so on. According to the growth age of ginseng, it is divided into "three flowers, palm, two horns, lamp stand, four leaves, five leaves and six leaves", the largest of which is eight leaves. The main stem of the eight-leaf ginseng has two layers of leaves, which is called a two-storey building; each layer has four branches, which are four leaves, and the two layers and four leaves are added together to form a "two-storey building with eight leaves", which is extremely rare. More than five leaves are "big mallets". If you want to dig a big mallet,gold heap leaching, you must first pull the gang, that is, organize the gang before entering the mountain, which is the responsibility of the "head". Baotou is the leader of a group of mountain people. A person who can be a leader must have rich experience, understand mountain rules, stress benevolence and righteousness, have the skill of digging ginseng, be able to view mountain scenery, be able to see which mountain will grow ginseng, and not get lost after entering the mountain. If you have a team, you can enter the mountain,tin beneficiation plant, but you have to choose an auspicious day to enter the mountain, usually the third, sixth, ninth or eighth, eighteenth or twenty-eighth day. After entering the mountain, the first important thing was to worship Sun Liang, the head of the mountain God. Use three stones to build the old man's house, pray in front of the old man's house, and pray for blessings. Then choose a leeward hillside to build a shack, that is, a simple shack, and then use a wooden pole to support the bark to prevent rain, which is covered with grass and dog skin, as a place to stay overnight in the mountains. At night, a fire is lit in front of the shack to repel mosquitoes, prevent wild animals, remove moisture to warm the body and give directions to lost people. The burning firewood should be placed along the direction, usually ignited by the head. Fangshan people set out from here every day to dig ginseng in different mountains and forests. The process of searching for ginseng in the mountains is called "pressing the mountain" in the jargon, also known as opening the mountain, patrolling the mountain, Carbon in Pulp ,mineral flotation, pressing the grass and scattering the grass, with many names. Before pressing the mountain, first "view the mountain scenery" from the head, choose which mountain forest to go to, this is a careful observation of the mountain shape and tree vegetation, to determine where ginseng will grow. Sometimes the head will decide the place to press the mountain according to the dream at night. At this time, people just follow and can't break it. When pressing the mountain, the gang members should divide the work into "platoon sticks", with the head as the head stick, the middle person as the waist stick, and the outermost person as the side stick. The side stick should also have rich experience in putting the mountain. Releasing the mountain people to take the Suobao stick, according to the order of the row of sticks, the distance between two people is more than ten feet, the tip of the Suobao stick can be put together, do not miss the distance of a brick, pull weeds slowly, looking for ginseng. Pay attention to "rather fall a mountain than a brick". Don't shout when pressing the mountain. If you see something shouting, you have to take it. Even if you see a snake, you are afraid of being distracted and getting lost. When pressing the mountain, the first stick and the side stick "hit the crutch" while walking, and break the twig into 90 degrees as a mark to avoid repeated search. Turning in the direction pointed by the handle and the side stick is called "beating the crutch". When the woods are too dense, they may not be able to see each other a few steps away, and they are not allowed to shout indiscriminately. Therefore, they should use the method of knocking the trunk with a stick to contact each other, which is called "calling the stick". When they knock on the trunk, each person knocks back in turn, indicating both their position and continuing to press the mountain. When resting and smoking, you should hold the stick in your arms to prevent the ginseng from running away. You are absolutely not allowed to sit on the stump, which is said to be the seat of the head of the mountain God. If there is no cigarette in the cigarette bag, you can't say "no" for fear of bad luck. If you pat the cigarette bag, others will send cigarettes. You are not allowed to doze off, which is easy to "reach the mountain", that is, get lost. In addition, there is a big taboo when pressing the mountain, not allowed to shit and urinate, for fear of colliding with the old head of the mountain God. If you meet a snake on the way, it is a good omen, because the snake is a "money string", which indicates that you are about to open your eyes. If you meet a tiger, it is also good luck. The people who release the mountain also call the tiger the mountain God. If you don't find ginseng in the place you pass, if you think there is ginseng in this place, you will go back and look for it again, which is called "turning over". Fangshan people call dry antlers and dry antlers "dry search", which is unlucky and indicates that they are busy in vain. Fangshan people call smoking "taking fire", resting "taking squat", eating "taking rice", sleeping "taking sleep" and changing residence "taking house", all in order to get ginseng. When the ginseng is dug, it is called "pinching the rice pocket", "not opening the eyes" is also called "not pinching the rice pocket", and cooking is called "carrying the pot". If you find that ginseng is called "eye-opening", you should shout: "mallet!" It's called Shouting Mountain. Head to ask: "What goods?" It's called receiving the mountain. Those who find ginseng have to answer a few leaves truthfully. When the person who found the ginseng answered five leaves or six leaves, everyone would shout together: "Hurry up!"! Come on! This means smooth in the northeast dialect, and also has the meaning of congratulations. The person who found the ginseng immediately knocked on the trunk twice and inserted the stick beside the ginseng. Because of his meritorious service, he can rest and smoke at this time. The head should also smoke to rest and calm down, ready to "lift the mallet". If you are dazzled and call the mountain, you will find that it is not a big mallet, which is called "Deceiving Mountain". Shouting to cheat the mountain or return the gun, or kowtow to the old head of the mountain God to apologize, continue to press the mountain. Sometimes a few days did not open their eyes, in order to inspire the spirit, deliberately called the mountain, called "empty mountain.". Fangshan people have a special liking for Erjiaozi. Erjiao is the key to the mountain, which indicates that you can get a big mallet. He found that Erjiaozi had to burn incense and kowtow to thank him. Pressing the mountain for the first time,Portable gold trommel, if it is four leaves, the person who finds ginseng can only answer "mallet" when he meets the mountain, because "four" is not pleasant to hear.