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Comprehensive beauty and entertainment reincarnation reality show-

This proves Xie Cheng's words, and also shows that this mood is really not a good sign. It's right not to develop the habit of clicking on the personal panel from time to time. It's rare that it doesn't affect much. If you see it every time, it's exciting every time, and if the game is more intense, then the whole person will be worried about gains and losses. That's not the winning mentality. But now that it had been opened, Ellie went on to see whether it was good or bad, and the dust had already settled. Three wins in a row gave Ellie the title of "potential model", and also gave Ellie a "blockbuster personal achievement" and 2000 special points. As expected, the three consecutive wins were different from the first win. In the flyover, Ellie's special points were all taken by hundreds of people. It was not until she finally got an unprecedented achievement that she got 2000 points. After winning three times in a row, she got 2000 special points, which also verified the system's rule of "simultaneous improvement of standards and rewards". This is also the content of the "Notes for Seniors" distributed by the Chinese Association. In addition, because Ellie correctly predicted the elimination of her opponent in three rounds, she won the title of "Raven's Mouth Passive Skill: Curse the opponent, make the opponent eliminated, launch probability is uncertain", completed the "Raven's Mouth Hidden Task" and won 1000 special points. Seeing this description, Ellie's mood is somewhat subtle. On the one hand, she is called the black line brought by the crow's mouth. On the other hand, she can't help considering the practicality of this skill. Ellie is a rational character. She doesn't resent turning herself into a crow's mouth. Even though this name is not very auspicious in the eyes of Chinese people, this skill is absolutely divine! Like medieval assassins, they can make the enemy impossible to defend. Even, to some extent,coltan ore processing, this skill has no solution! However, this ability is passive, and the probability of launching is uncertain, which makes this ability look like a chicken rib. Thinking of this, Ellie could only sigh helplessly and continue to look down. In this round, Ellie got quite a lot of competition points. Battle Points 500 Tip: Beat Destiny Head-on Note: Take the initiative to eliminate the opponent to score. Comment Points 600 Tip: First Round Animal Head Hard Photo Wins 580 Tip: Second Round Naked. The body photo wins 580 Tip: Round 3 Zombies Win 600 Round 4 Cheerleaders Win 280 Round 5 Steampunk Second Note: After the reality show starts, the judges or host can score points after evaluating the performance of a round. Outstanding Points 225 Tip: Round 1 Nightclub Runway Challenge 2nd 175 Tip: Round 3 Role-Playing Challenge 6th 500 Tip: Round 4 Charity Runway Challenge 1st 500 Round 5 Game Expansion Challenge 1st Note: At any time, you can score points after creating a recognized or influential work Note 2: There is no challenge in the second round, and the big transformation is not counted. Honor Points 185 Note: Preliminary Mass Score 158 Tip: First Mass Score 390 Tip: Second Mass Score 395 Tip: Third Mass Score 375 Tip: Fourth Mass Score 405 Tip: Fifth Mass Score Note: Points may be scored at any time when they are widely recognized for outstanding performance Special Points 2000 Blockbuster Personal Achievement 1000 Crow's Mouth Hidden Task Note: You can score points when you complete the hidden plot task achievement to break the record, and there may be hidden attribute rewards. Note: After the new game starts, the detailed points will be cleared and the total points will be accumulated. Regardless of special points, even in the first four categories of battle points, small gold wash plant ,manganese beneficiation plant, comment points, outstanding points and honor points, Ellie has scored nearly 6000 points. With 3000 points of special points, Ellie has scored nearly 10000 points in the middle of the game. This is a very good game situation. When her eyes swept over the data, Ellie suddenly had a subtle feeling. She couldn't help scanning the data again, and her brain was running fast, and then she suddenly found out. Comment points, when she gets the first hard photo, the total score of the three judges is X 20, when she is not the first, the total score is X 10. Outstanding points, when she won the first place in the challenge, it was X5 0 times the challenge score at that time, and when she was not the first, it was x25 times the challenge score. The law of honor points is the same as that of outstanding points. The difference is that outstanding points are based on challenge scores, while honor points are based on public scores. She didn't find the rules of battle points and special points, which were related to the fact that these two points were not regular points, while the other three, comment, outstanding and honor points, were judged by the detailed scores of American supermodels relative to other reality shows, so that she could see the way the points were calculated. If it's the same as in Project Runway, every time you check, Ellie may skip this similarity instead. Ellie wondered if there was any mention of America's Next Top Model's points in the "Notes for Seniors", which is strange, considering that there are many people who have participated in the reincarnation of America's Next Top Model. But Ellie forgot that not everyone was as sensitive to numbers as she was, able to remember all her previous scores and quickly reflect the relationship between scores and points. Most of the reincarnation, the points are more vague, only aware that the first points will have an advantage, the other places will be much lower. But like Ellie, there is really no one who is directly aware of the specific differences. This is Ellie's unique advantage. Found this round of reality show integral calculation method, as if to know a little more about the reincarnation system, let Ellie heart can not help but have some confidence, unknown is the most terrible, after discovering the law, as long as follow, then the game is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing that makes Ellie sad is that not all reality shows have similar scoring mechanisms. Many reality shows are still like Project Runway, which is very subjective and opaque, which makes the audience criticize,chrome washing machine, but also makes the reincarnation more uncertain about their competitions. Ellie did not realize that her seemingly insignificant discovery was actually a landmark discovery. However, no matter what the score is, this is not the real purpose of Ellie to open her personal panel. Ellie quickly slid the panel to the next one.