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A thousand pieces of gold to buy bones by Miss Xi

Mu Linglong noticed that someone was looking at her. She looked up blankly and saw Mo Ya, who was concerned about her. Mo Ya did not avoid his eyes. He nodded a little to Mu Linglong and moved his lips to say something to her. Mu Linglong's eyes were hot and she returned the salute to Mo Ya. Mo Ya sighed, although he did not like Murray, but had to admit that Murray is a resourceful figure, some of the actions are black heart, but … This is the so-called art of emperors. As far as the country and the people are concerned, would such a person commanding the state of Qi be much better than the mediocre Emperor Wu? Who knows. Mo Ya turned around and squeezed out of the wall of followers. Ouch, this Murray's follower … That's a lot.. Mo Ya wanted to go back to Yayuan along the way she had come. She went round and round as if she had lost her way. Mo Ya caught a handyman who was afraid of her and was about to wave to him to take her back. Suddenly, she saw Mu Linglong in filial piety walking slowly towards her. She was wearing plain satin shoes embroidered with white flowers. Every step she took, the white flowers on the vamp would move. She walked slowly and trembled with the white flowers at her feet. "Princess.." Mo Ya hugged her, "I'm sorry." With tears in her eyes, Mu Linglong waved her hand without squinting. "You all step down. The county mainly talks with Mo Shenyi." All the people that Mo Ya could see and could not see obediently walked away. Mo Ya felt more comfortable and looked at Mu Linglong gratefully. Fortunately, there was such a good friend in Xianwangfu. The wind suddenly rose, and the snow on the branches fell on the heads and shoulders of the two men. Mo Ya turned his head and looked at the snow on his shoulders. He brushed it away gently. Mu Linglong stood like an ice sculpture with bright eyes. "I remember." Mu Linglong's voice did not have the crisp and tender joy of the past, filled with deep sorrow can not be relieved, "not long ago, also in the palace, you and I had a long talk for a while, you said, I am a friend you can make?"? Now, my father was assassinated, I Mu Linglong more than 10 years on the protection of his father, he left, no one will give me shelter from the wind and rain, in the future, I have to rely on their own … Mo Ya, do you still count what you said? Mo Ya hates those snobs most. When Mu Ling was down and out, he never abandoned him. Of course, he was also loyal. Mo Ya held out his chest and said proudly,30ml Dropper Bottle, "I made friends with you, not because of your identity.". As long as I can see, even the beggars on the street are all my friends. Of course I count what I have said. Mu Linglong nodded with relief, and a trace of sadness flashed through her eyes. She approached Mo Ya and brushed his dark brocade clothes. She whispered, "Everyone thinks I'm an ignorant child. My father and mother think I'm really stupid. I'm almost seventeen years old. My mother said that at her age, she married my father.." How can I still be a child? Mo Ya, I know, they thought I was silly in the dark, in fact … I know all about it. Mo Ya was a little frightened. He moved his lips and hesitated to say nothing. Mu Linglong gazed sideways at Mo Ya, who hesitated to speak. Suddenly she giggled and pointed to Mo Ya's face. "You and Cheng Kui have already left Yueyang," she said. "It wasn't long before you suddenly came back. Mo Ya, you know that, don't you? "I.." I don't know what you're talking about. It's incoherent. It's.. It's silly. The sharp-tongued Mo Ya suddenly stammered a little. Sometimes, in order to protect himself, he opened his eyes and told lies. But I don't know why, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Glass Cream Jars, in front of Mu Linglong, the clever Fang opened his mouth but could not tell lies. Mu Linglong is as pure as snow, no one is willing to cheat her, just like … No one had the heart to tell her anything. Some people, should live in a honey pot all their lives, do not know suffering, do not understand dangerous, she is living a good life that others can not expect, for many people to live like hope. Tang Xiao. Mu Linglong bit his lip to say the name, "he is still alive, he is the prince in the palace, he changed into the appearance of the five lords, in the upper forest garden for the five lords." Mo Ya, you know. You and Cheng Yi back to Yueyang, is for the real five royal Highnesses … In order to take back what should have belonged to him for His Highness Wu. ” Mu Linglong in Mo Ya seems to be used to silly children, suddenly with tears in his eyes, Mo Ya is also startled, he wanted to avoid Mu Linglong's questioning, but all around empty, Mo Ya heart a horizontal, he did not do anything shameful, how can not face Mu Linglong? Chapter 178 life entanglement. Mu Linglong seemed to Mo Ya to be a child who was used to being silly. Suddenly, with tears in his eyes, he was serious. Mo Ya was also startled. He wanted to avoid Mu Linglong's questioning, but there was nothing around him. Mo Ya's heart was crossed. He didn't do anything shameful. How could he not face Mu Linglong? "Tang Xiao is cruel. You haven't seen his means." Mo Ya threw caution to the wind, "he let Yu Xiaoyao kick Mu Ling into serious injury, several ribs were broken, this is more than that, he also gave Mu Ling a knife, and cut his face, threw him into the sea.." Mu Ling has a big life and escaped the disaster. Why? Are you afraid just listening to it? When I saw Mu Ling, he was dying. I don't know how miserable he was. Tang Xiao is such a person, how to be the prince of Qi? How to be the emperor of Qi? Princess, are you listening? Seeing Mu Linglong in a daze, Mo Ya couldn't help calling out, but don't say too much to frighten the girl. "What else?" Mu Linglong is like a gossamer. Also Mo Ya tried to make himself say more naturally. "He also set the fire in the Star Picking Building. How many people died, you know.". Also Xiao Fei knew the truth and tried to persuade him to leave, but he promised, but. But she drugged Xiao Fei and made her mother fall asleep. Also Zhou Yueer, the Crown Princess who married him, Zhou Yueer died strangely, although there is no real evidence, but … Probably also saw what was silenced by him. "You all let him go, force him to give everything back, and go far away." Mu Linglong cried out, "Why did he leave?"? He is the eldest son of Xiao Fei, he has the blood of the emperor,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, the original five royal Highnesses is false, why should not go, should not go but be forced to leave? Why are you all pushing him.. 。